Glacier Golf Champs 214

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New Hanover Fun Ride pics

19 October 2014 – fantastic weather and fast bikes – that’s an awesome day out. This Fun Ride was in aid of New Hanover Prep and was held on a farm at Seven Oaks, KZN. It was well supported with over 200 riders braving the tough course. You can view some more pics under the “Latest Other sports” tab above.NH Fun Ride014

1 Dream, 2 passions and hopefully some cool pics…

Sport and photography are my passions. To be able to fuse them into one was a distant dream… until recently that is.  I am by no means a professional photographer, but merely someone who absolutely loves to take pictures. I love my job as an attorney and taking pictures on weekends is a fantastic break from the stresses of the legal profession. I hope my photography skills can improve along with my blogging skills.